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With our Spokane and CDA summers so seemingly short up here, spending quality time outdoors with family and friends needs to be more intentional than ever.  Why not take the next step with your Spokane deck or Coeur d'Alene outdoor living project and call Exteriors By Aspen to design a new deck, patio, or pergola space? 

Working with the top brands in the industry, we try hard to meet your Coeur d'Alene deck project goals by listening to your needs, evaluating your budget, and giving you both design options and material options to best meet your budget and needs.  By using top brands such as Timber Tech, Azek, and Fiberon, specifically, Exteriors By Aspen is confident we can make your vision a reality!



Starting with the basics, wood decking and porches have been around forever and wood decking materials continue to be a very high quality building material to cover your Spokane deck or your Coeur d'Alene deck.   There are many species of wood to choose from and many price points to consider and each is unique when it comes to it's durability and maintenance requirements.  Maintenance is the biggest factor to consider when it comes to performance and durability of your brand new wood deck.  Do you want it to last as long and look as good as it can for as long as it can?  Of course you do.  Therefore, maintenance is going to be required every couple of years to keep your deck looking as good as it can.   This maintenance is laborious, back breaking work that will require you to alter your family's lifestyle for a few days to a couple of weekends depending on it's size and scope if you do it yourself.  Or, it will cost you dearly if you pay to have it completed.   Every few years.   No matter what species of wood you choose, they will all require some degree of maintenance.  There is something, though, about that natural, soft, warm ambiance of a natural wood deck.  


CDA Pergolas


When considering other options, a composite Spokane deck or a Coeur d'Alene composite deck is another choice one has.   Composites have been around for decades and the quality has continued to get better and better over the years as has their respective warranties.  Most decking manufacturers have a "good, better, best" pricing strategy that gives the consumer some viable options when it comes to pricing points.   But, keep in mind, the least price of most brand name composites (TimberTech, Trex, etc.) is going to be higher than that of a typical 5/4 (1") cedar board.   Maintenance is much less laborious than on a wood deck, also.  Power washing a composite deck is acceptable, where it's not the best solution (though often used) on a natural wood deck.   


Exteriors by Aspen is a leading and reputable replacement and new installation deck contracting firm serving both the Spokane and Coeur d'Alene area. Ever since we opened for business, we’ve taken a comprehensive approach to project management, providing our clients with a wide range of services to cover their needs. Get in touch today to learn more about what we can offer you and to receive your free estimate.

Outdoor Summer Party
Smoothing Concrete


Sometimes a composite deck just isn't the right solution for your project. Maybe a poured concrete patio is the way to go.  Or, a combination of both a poured concrete patio and a new composite deck.  Both solutions offer a multitude of benefits to your outdoor living project.  We can look at stamped concrete, stamped and stained, stained, broom finished or washed aggregate.  Whichever look you want, we can deliver. 

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