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Something to consider when choosing Vinyl for your Spokane or Coeur d'Alene home. . .

Let's look at a few of the most common characteristics of vinyl siding

Okay, Okay, this is a bit of an extreme example, however, this image is not photoshopped!

Is Vinyl Siding a Good Choice when Re-siding your home?

Vinyl siding is certainly an option when choosing to reside your home. If budget is the number one deciding factor in what you clad your home with, then vinyl is your answer. Hands down. However, if you want to improve your home’s curb appeal while simultaneously maintaining (if not adding) to it’s value when you resell, then James Hardie Fiber Cement siding with ColorPlus Technology is the answer for you. The reasons are many, a few of which I will touch upon here in this entry.

Vinyl is only a coverup. Since vinyl siding is often times installed over your old siding which is giving you problems, you’re basically putting a band aid on a gunshot would (depending on the severity of the issues at hand, of course.) If you currently have cedar on your home and are having trouble with pests such as termites or another bug such as wasps, putting vinyl over your cedar isn’t really going to make the pests go away. It might slow them down for a brief time, but they’ll find a way back in through the vinyl and to the cedar.

It’s flammable. Vinyl, unlike James Hardie fiber cement is subject to melting when exposed to both indirect and direct flame. Even a simple bbq or smoker will put off enough heat to melt your vinyl siding or at least discolor it and shrink it. Then you're going to have to repair those pieces, and, depending on the age of your home, it's going to be tough to match up the new vinyl lap's colors with the new vinyl because of the point that follows below; UV exposure and fading. Reflected energy can melt it. I’ve even seen pictures of new neighborhoods with super efficient low-e windows that reflect onto other houses that are clad in vinyl that have had the vinyl siding literally melt into a pool of plastic due to the energy being reflected off the windows and onto the other house. It’s a fact!

It fades. Vinyl doesn’t have the UV inhibitors that James Hardie ColorPlus has. All products will fade, but some will fade at a much slower rate than others. This is where the ColorPlus coating really shines. Vinyl siding is no match for our intense Coeur d’Alene and Spokane summer sunshine! What do you do to your vinyl when one wall or one section of wall fades to an unrecognizable color in a few short years? Can you paint it? No. Can you wash the chalky faded color off of it and bring it back to new? No. You can install a new piece or a new section, but now it only makes the rest of the house look faded and old!

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