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How to (Why, rather) choose James Hardie ColorPlus over Vinyl Siding

This quick post will hit the key factors to consider when choosing a new cladding for your home or business

James Hardie is THE Spokane and CDA Siding to Choose!

When it comes to everything in life these days, there seems to be an endless amount of choices. The same goes for the task of re-siding your home. The cost of re-siding your home will definitely be a factor, but also the product which you choose to put on your home is also an important choice. A few things to consider are performance, durability, and design options. With some siding solutions you might get performance and durability but no design options. With others you might get some design options, but fall short on the performance and durability aspects.

Let’s compare two popular siding choices you have when residing your home; Vinyl siding and James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding with ColorPlus Technology. First, we’ll look at the most obvious common characteristics of them both and that is that they are both already colored so there’s no need to hire a painter once the siding has been installed. This will save you tons of money and lots of heartache! But, more on that in another post. However, after years of enjoyment, perhaps your siding has lost a bit of it’s brightness and sheen on the wall. This is common, and at some point all siding will need to be repainted. This is where James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding with Color Plus Technology leaves vinyl in the dust; you are able to repaint the James Hardie Siding with any store-bought latex paint but you can’t paint vinyl siding. So, when it’s time to repaint your vinyl siding you’ll have to tear it all off and start over with a new siding.

Another difference on the performance and durability side is the thickness of James Hardie vs the lack of thickness of vinyl. James Hardie Siding products are five times thicker than vinyl siding products. What does this mean to you? It means beauty. James Hardie lap siding provides much deeper shadow lines and a realistic wood grain texture that simply can’t be mimicked with vinyl products. And thicker product generally means butt joints that fit together tighter which makes them much less visible than the double-row loose vinyl overlapping butt joints. Even the best “premium” vinyl is only 0.05” thick and this drastically reduces your homes character and curb-appeal. I mean, isn’t that what you’re after in the first place? You know the saying ... you never get. second chance to make a first impression!

When you choose both Aspen Construction & Design to install James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding with ColorPlus Technology, the benefits are manifold vs. Vinyl and Wood. The ColorPlus siding boasts a multi-coat finish that has been baked onto the board which delivers a vibrant, consistent finish for years of fade resistance. UV exposure is no match for vinyl. When exposed to equal hours of UV exposure, the vinyl siding will fade at a much greater rate than the ColorPlus Siding, thus, the James Hardie Siding with ColorPlus Technology will look consistently brighter, perform better, and, as a result, look brighter for longer than the vinyl siding - even the “premium” vinyl siding.

What about heat resistance? What does that have to do with siding, you ask? Well, if you live in the Inland Northwest forest fires are a reality that we all have to deal with. Also, our neighbor’s house catching on fire is a real possibility. When you clad your home with James Hardie siding, which is non-combustible and resists damage from extreme heat which provides more durability and protection for your home and the ones you love most - your family. With vinyl, even a minimal amount of heat can detrimentally affect your home’s cladding. Vinyl is vulnerable to melting caused by several things; flames from a BBQ grill, radiant heat from the sun reflected off of Low-E windows, and, of course, forest fires.

When considering weather resistance, always choose James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding with ColorPlus Technology over Vinyl. James Hardie siding is engineered specifically for our climate here in Spokane and Coeur d’Alene. Vinyl is the same siding here as it is in Florida. What that means to you is that James Hardie siding will resist damage from wind, rain, freezing temperatures and hail. Vinyl siding is no match for wind since it’s so light it may fly off the wall. Vinyl is no match for rain because it’s quite porous based on the loose butt joints and it’s snap and slide together seams, corners, and joints. Vinyl siding is no match for the freezing temperatures we have here in Spokane and Coeur d’Alene because it becomes extremely brittle and may crack and even shatter given the right conditions.

Call Aspen today and let's schedule your curb appeal consultation to give your home the makeover it needs to look it's best for longest! But don't be surprised if your new favorite room in the house isn't even inside!

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