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How to choose the right siding for your Spokane or Coeur d'Alene Home

There are a lot of factors to consider ... let's touch on a few

So you want to re-side your home? Is your siding beaten down by decades of weather? Has it been burnt and faded by decades of sun exposure to the point of no return? If your home is currently clad with vinyl siding the sun can make it susceptible to many of mother nature’s damaging characteristics like UV exposure, extreme heat, extreme cold and even violent wind episodes.

If your home is currently clad with a wood substrate siding such as LP T1-11 siding or LP horizontal lap boards - often called ‘SmartSiding’ and ‘SmartTrim’ (although it’s not a smart thing to use)? If that is the case you’re home is probably suffering from many symptoms that not only showcase your siding’s outdated and dilapidated exterior like open butt-joints, gaps at window and corner trim, termite intrusions, evidence of woodpecker infestations, warped boards from the sun, swollen boards from water and last but not least faded and worn paint!

Yes, that’s right - if your current siding solution is either vinyl or wood and your home is more than a few years old, the chances are great that your siding is already showing it’s age and is need of either minor, major, or full replacement. Is it worth it to repair your siding? If you want to throw good money after bad, then yes. But, if you want to end the carnage, right the wrong, express your home’s true character, and proudly boast the most beautiful home on the block, we at Aspen Construction & Design (A Fine Homes) would like to point you to James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding with ColorPlus Technology.

We are Spokane’s Leading Siding Contractor. We are Coeur d’Alene’s Leading Siding Contractor. We know James Hardie Siding with ColorPlus Technology like no other siding contractor in the region. We are low volume, but high attention, high quality, and high satisfaction. Guaranteed. Trust Aspen Construction (A Fine Homes) to reside your home in quality materials with quality craftsmen. We only install James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding with ColorPlus Technology for one reason; they’re the best. And you should only re-side your home with Aspen Construction & Design (A Fine Homes) for one reason; we’re the best.

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