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How to repair or replace shingle siding

Traditional cedar shingles are a staple of some Coeur d'Alene neighborhoods and in some areas of Spokane entire streets have homes with cedar shingles on them. Let's look at a quick repair and replacement guide to help save your home's character!

Here’s what you’ll need; a flat pry bar - this is not a crow-bar, but if that’s all you’ve got, that’s all you've got. A nice flat pry bar can vary in length; anywhere from 8” to 30”, and depending on the size of your shingles, that will determine the length of pry bar you might need. The long one will work on short and long shingles, and the short one will work on short and long shingles, but it might cause more problems on shorter shingles.

The first step is to slip your pry bar carefully under the failing shingle all the way up until it stops. This will be where it hits the fastener that is holding it down. At this point, you will gently begin to pry the shingle up by pushing down on your pry bar (against the vertical wall.) You can even place your hammer under the pry bar to give you more leverage. Being careful not to pry up too far … if you do, you will cause more problems on the two (or more) shingles immediately above the one you're pulling out.

Once you pop either the fastener out or pop the shingle through the fastener, your next step is to gently remove the shingle and then carefully slide the new one back up in it’s place. At this point you may need to trim the top (the skinny end) of the new shingle to get it to slide up where the old one was.

Once the new shingle is in place, carefully nail it in place with a new fastener of your choice - just make sure you read the shingle installation instructions regarding fastener type. If you live within 15 miles of saltwater you’ll need a stainless steel fastener, but if you don’t a hot dipped galvanized fastener should work just fine.

And, as always, if you feel you don’t have the skills, tools, or desire to make those repairs, don’t hesitate to call Aspen Construction to give you a fair quote on all your home repair needs, both inside and out.

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