With spring and summer seemingly so short here in Spokane and Coeur d'Alene, it's a wonder you can get any home improvement projects completed at all.   With Aspen Construction & Design's turn-key, worry-free siding, window, masonry, roofing, gutter and outdoor living expertise, we recommend making the first call today for a free consultation and we can discuss your wants and needs.   

Every proud homeowner wants to have beautiful curb appeal.   As the saying goes, you only get one chance to make a first impression.   Today's homeowner has many choices when it comes to what they can have installed on their home's exterior.  We want to help you make the correct, educated choice when it comes to both of those decisions.  


Believe me ... we've seen it all when it comes to siding installations and this is what led me to leave my position at James Hardie and become my own Spokane and Coeur d'Alene area siding contractor.  I know you have a choice when it comes to what you put on your home and I know even better that you have a choice when it comes to who installs it.  

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We only use and promote James Hardie fiber cement siding with ColorPlus® Technology to re-clad your home for a multitude of reasons.  James Hardie is the world's leader in fiber cement siding. They pioneered the technology and continue to lead the pack with an annual Research and Development budget of around $20 million. We don't promote vinyl. We don't promote aluminum. 


With this R&D investment, JH continues to develop not only new products, but new technology that is unsurpassed in the exterior cladding industry.   The most notable of these is ColorPlus® Technology; the industry's premier pre-finished siding product. Not only will your siding be the best in the industry, so will it's coating!  And it comes with an amazing warranty, too!  The board itself is backed by a non-prorated, 30 year, up to 200% warranty and the coating (paint) boasts a 15 year warranty.  The coating is applied in a factory controlled environment with consistent thickness across all parts of the board. Other cladding will offer a store-bought paint, but not James Hardie.  James Hardie's coating has been specifically formulated for their fiber cement siding. 


When you choose to re-clad your home in James Hardie fiber cement siding, remember how important it is to keep all your components fiber cement; the siding, corner trim, window trim, fascia and soffit.  When you have a complete James Hardie fiber cement exterior with ColorPlus® Technology, not only do you have a beautiful, lasting siding solution, but you have one that will weather consistently as opposed to having a wood product and a fiber cement product.  

Another benefit of a James Hardie fiber cement envelope is that of fire protection.   As we all know, the summers up here are beautiful and absolutely perfect except for the August fires that cut it short.   In case of a fire, there is peace of mind knowing your house will protect you while your family flees to safety.   Competitive wood siding is no match for fire - nor is vinyl as it melts almost instantly.   James Hardie boasts a zero flame spread index which means it will not ignite when exposed to a direct flame, nor will it contribute fuel to a fire.    

Is your home insufficiently insulated?
Is your home not insulated at all?  Depending on the age of your home, chances are you're either uninsulated or under-insulated.   When replacing your siding, this is the perfect time to reconsider your home's energy efficiency (or lack there-of)!  We've had the opportunity to provide insulation to several of our residing clients once the old siding was off.   This is a relatively simple process that we coordinate with our local insulating partner that works in both Idaho and Washington.   Depending on the route you choose to go, we can either add a continuous, rigid exterior foam envelope around your existing plywood sheathing or fill your existing 2x4 or 2x6 exterior wall cavities with either a blown-in cellulose or an open cell foam.   We can put a rigid foam on ranging in thicknesses from 3/8" yielding an R-2 to a 1" thick yielding an R-6.   If you have no insulation at all, we can get up to an R-12 in a 2x4 wall or R-19 on a 2x6 wall with cellulose.   With an Icynene Foam solution the R-values boast an impressive R-25 for 2x4 cavities and up to an R-39 for 2x6.