The inland Northwest is a beautiful, yet challenging place to live and call home.  It's dramatic scenery is almost rivaled by it's dramatic temperature swings both in the summer and winter.  All these climactic and topographic variables make it a pretty stressful environment for your home's envelope.   That's where Aspen Construction & Design comes in.   We know what your envelope is expected to do and we know what it's limitations are.  Whether you are a homeowner or business owner looking to beautify your property or in need of major repairs, you will appreciate the hassle-free turn-key solutions that we can bring to your project or need.

The owner of Aspen Construction & Design, LLC has been entrenched in the construction industry since birth as a second generation contractor, but professionally since 2001 as a custom home builder.  And, to be more specific, his previous job was in the siding industry here in the Inland Northwest for the last 6 years as the longest tenured technical sales and sales rep for the nation's largest fiber cement siding manufacturing company, James Hardie Building Products.   Working for James Hardie afforded him the honor of traveling across the country for countless training and business development sessions that he gleaned unparalleled knowledge from and brought back to North Idaho and Spokane to implement into this market.   


These trainings and interactions with the siding industry on a nationwide scale allowed him to see first hand the shortcomings of the trade and proactively fill the gaps when it came to quality installations, product knowledge, and above all else customer service.   Being an installer himself, he knows how to proactively assess each home’s unique story when it comes to both it’s character and it’s challenges, and, more importantly, he know how to overcome those challenges and deliver a superior envelope that is guaranteed to withstand the harsh climate we have here in north Idaho and eastern Washington.

James Hardie Siding Contractor Coeur d'Alene Spokane

With a territory at one time from the Cascades to the border of South Dakota and Nebraska , and from the Canadian border to Denver, one sees a lot of siding installations.  And conducting trainings with siders, siding companies, and architects across this territory allowed him to see what has worked and what has not worked both "on-the-wall" as well as behind the desk.  This has allowed Aspen to have a truly unique perspective on the entire scope of the siding industry.  We have successfully grafted this installation and sales acumen with previous business successes

as a custom builder and this has galvanized Aspen Construction & Design, LLC as Spokane and Coeur d'Alene's premier exterior remodeling contractor focused on quality installations, excellent customer relations, and turn-key value.  

What Aspen Construction is:

  • Widely accredited as the region's most knowledgeable resource on all things regarding James Hardie ColorPlus siding manufacturing, sales, and installation.  

  • Passionate about the siding and exterior remodeling industry (as boring as that sounds to everybody that reads this sentence.)

  • Dedicated to providing our clients with the most comprehensive planning and estimating pre-construction documents on each and every project we are fortunate enough to be considered for

  • Accountable for each and every component of the entire process of your project from bid to delivery.  You won't have a shiny salesman show up to your door with questionable knowledge about what he's selling who passes the project off to a labor-only siding crew who takes over until it's time to pick up a paycheck.   We will either speak, text, or email during the project to ensure all Aspen SOP's are being followed. 


What Aspen Construction is not:

  • A high pressure sales company.  It is a big step to trust a complete stranger to take on your remodeling project and we understand that.  Let Aspen be a your consultant to help you make the right decisions ... not the most expensive.  We don't expect to "close the deal" in one visit.  And we don't quote you a price that makes you fall out of your chair only to "negotiate" down $20,000.00 when we might lose the sale.  Our prices are honest and fair and our values mirror yours.  

  • A huge corporate conglomerate with out of state headquarters and layers and layers of management.  Aspen is a locally owned and operated North Idaho based company that prides itself on it's transparency and ease of access to management.   When you call the number on our contact page you speak to the owner who answers the phone (unless he's actually installing a customer's house!)  Problem solved. 

  • A fly-by-night "Chuck in a Truck" contractor that is highly questionable in terms of ability and licensing.  We are licensed in both Idaho and Washington, insured, bonded, and more-than-able professional contracting company ready to take on your remodeling project and provide you with a project that we can both be proud of.​


From the owner of Aspen Construction:

With many, many amazing memories and experiences while at James Hardie, one of my favorites would have to have been working with the DIY network as the local liaison to their show Blog Cabin

In 2015 the DIY network built a home to give away right here in North Idaho out on Hwy 97 towards Harrison.  On the production side, I was tasked with coordinating the home's exterior material list with JH's manufacturing plant in Reno, NV, as well as scheduling logistics to a local building supply yard and then to the job site.  Doesn't sound like much, but with television crew's filming and production schedules, as well as the host's filming schedules of flying in and out of town, it was quite an experience.   


Once product was on the ground, the installation crews needed to be trained. Install trainings were scheduled and conducted on-site with the chosen contractor to go over the details, clearances, flashings and fastening schedules of each product and recommendations were made according to James Hardie's Best Practices Installation Guidelines.   This was just one great experience of many while working for James Hardie. 

In closing, Aspen Construction is one of the fastest-growing James Hardie Replacement Contractors in the Inland Northwest. With a clear understanding of your vision and our values, it's easy to see what sets us apart from other contractors.   The differences are clear, the reasons are simple:

  • Our pricing is up front and honest.  No hidden costs.

  • Our bids are detailed and tailored to your home.  We don't check boxes on a production sheet.  

  • You get only top-notch, highest-quality products. No builder-grade or knock-off products.

  • We are an official 'Preferred Remodeler' in the James Hardie Replacement Contractor Program,  not a fly-by-night operation or a company who does siding "on-the-side."

  • You get immediate customer service with a single phone call.  Not the run around through layers of personnel. 

  • Our installs are performed by trained, insured, professional crews with strict quality control.  Not cheap, per-day labor crews who will vanish once they get paid. 

  • You get professional, hands-on project management from start to finish.  Not a salesperson who only makes a sale and collects the check.

Experience the Aspen difference and rest assured your home is in the best possible hands it could be in during it's transformation into the home you've always envisioned.  And you just might find your favorite home in the house just might not be in the house at all!  

I am looking forward to personally taking your phone call!